Is this the cutest couple ever??

I had the priviledge of photographing Royce and Bethany's wedding this weekend. While it was a small intimate wedding, it was packed full of love. You could see it in their eyes and confirmed with the conversations we had together. Their support of eachother and unconditional acceptance was awe inspiring. Thank you Royce and Bethany, you were totally awesome to work with!  



Love is patient, love is kind.....

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Impromptu Moments

I always have my camera and I am trying new angles, or practicing low light, it is like anything, you always need to be practicing your craft. So while I am in between shoots, my grandchildren are my favorite subjects. And even they have stories to tell. Ava loves the camera, it is easy to capture her and practice. My other grandchildren, not so much! But I love sneaking in a few shots of them as well, it truly tells their personalities.


Capturing images of my granddaughter.

Emily and Dylan tie the know in beautiful Eureka Springs, Arkansas

This was an intimate wedding with just Emily & Dylan. Witnessing their interaction together, having eachother there was enough. I was listening to them read their vows to eachother while photographing them and you knew this was a love that will last a lifetime. They complimented eachother in so many ways. Emily looked at Dylan and without saying a word, he was by her side to help her as we moved around capturing their images. I was in awe of the unspoken words between them more then the spoken words. They are true soul mates and I feel fortunate to have been able to capture their vows to eachother.


Saying I do at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Saying I do at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Loving Eureka Springs and the vibe here, inspired by our unique architecture, I wanted capture them at Crescent Springs.

Loving Eureka Springs and the vibe here, inspired by our unique architecture, I wanted capture them at Crescent Springs.

I am not photogenic - and I say hogwash!

When meeting with clients, I often hear I am not photogenic. In fact, I hear myself saying this! What do I say to this?  NONSENSE! Why? Because we are all unique and beautiful. I kow for myself I don't have much of a chin, through learning about posing, I now what to do with my head to create more of a chin line. No photoshop, just tweaking how I stand. 

The same with how I stand, yes I am getting up there in age and my waist seems to be enjoying my mid life years by keeping these few pounds on (stubbornly so as well!) so I just changed where I place my hands on my waist, and VIAOLA! The waist appears slimmer.

This is how I pose my clients. I want you to look your best and look at your photos and now they are you. Not overly photoshopped, not looking like plastic or an alien, but the beautiful soul that your are!

I snapped this photo of my grandson and so many quotes came to mind, but here is the quote I added.  Be yourself, afterall everyone else is taken!


Abandoned Buildings

I am not sure about you, but I love abandoned buildings. You know, if these walls could talk, what would they say. Well since I hope a wall never talks to me, I imagine the stories. Yep, I am off daydreaming about who might of lived thereor what kind of business may have been there. Well tomorrow I was invited to photo walk to an abandoned amusement park. It has been raining so I am sure it will be dark and dreary. I think this could only add to the photos. I will post some of the shots I get in the next day or two - unless we get totally rained out.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Wilson

It was a lovely beach, the weather was perfect. It could not have been a more amazing day. Even more so that two people very much in love we about to commit to eachother. The destination, Iberstar Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  

This couple is as down to earth as you can imagine. They wanted a very simple but yet well documented wedding. Barefoot on the beach, a lovely song they sang together during the ceremony, their own personal vows to each other. I know every wedding is beautiful, but this wedding was BEAUTIFUL!

Laura and Zach, it was an honor to be your photographer and welcomed by your friends and family.


:: It's All About Olivia ::

Olivia is the dearest, kindest beautiful soul. She is a tom boy yet she has this natural beauty about her that shines through. Olivia was truly a joy to work with and was willing climb fences (hence the tom boy), step in ponds with crawdad's on an already chilly day and ride an old bike that barely had brakes. We had so much fun. Olivia, the world is your oyster, embrace it and hold onto it.


Who doesn't love weddings? Each one that I photograph I find myself feeling humbled to be there.  After all in my job they are complete strangers, right?  Not so!  When I first meet a couple I take the time to not only find out about what they wanted photographed, but to get to know them.  So I ask questions, like what kind of music do you like?  Travis likes country, Taylor likes hip hop. Ok, so this is getting interesting. I asked them each what they loved most about their partner, Travis said he loves Taylor's sassy personality, Taylor's looked at Travis and said his compassion. Travis and Taylor are a lot of fun. They are very down to earth and were so easy going.  This is exactly how they wanted to wedding to be remembered, I think this was accomplished!




I recently did a quick shoot of a family in the soaring heat of the day. The girls were adorable and just game for anything.  At Lema Street Photography, we like to capture the essence of the children we are capturing, their story at that given moment of time. The innocence they portray.  Take a look at our Children's Photography.  Call us today for your session!


Future Photographers

Future Photographers

Father's Day

I am so blessed to be going to Europe again. First stop Paris.  I hope to capture some amazing memories and tell my story along the way.  The last time I was in Paris in 2008, I had news from home that my father passed away.  It was truly a sad day for me and my family.  He was my rock, my confident, my hero!   I have many great memories of him and no regrets.  I remember asking my step-mother, did he see my postcards?  I wanted him to know I was having a great time and happy.  This is all he ever wanted of all his kids, to be happy.  

Now I am happy to say I am going back to Paris, with my cousin and her two amazing kids.  My first glass of wine will be a toast to my Dad.  Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there and the memories of Dad's we are missing.  


Me and my Dad in Eureka Springs, AR 

Me and my Dad in Eureka Springs, AR 

I'm going to the chapel......

I am going to the chapel, to stop time, to continue their story, to be their memory maker.  Today is Chris and Taylor's big day. Their first day of becoming Mr. & Mrs. and I am honored to be a part of it.  On my way to continue to tell their love story.   of Taylor, Chris and their son Braxton.  You may recognize Taylor, Chris and Brax as I started with their story when they were engaged.  Then surprise, precious little Braxton put a short hold on the wedding, but now today, it is their day!  Photos to come soon.

This is a true love story.

North Meets South

This past weekend we had a very intimate wedding. Nick is from Canada and Tara from the U.S.  Faith is what binds these two people.  Their love in God and their love of each other will keep these two together forever. Both being very proud of their countries they decided to make it the theme of their wedding. They did an incredible job and now their journey together begins. I thank them for allowing me to tell their story.

Nick and Tara, their love God, for their respective countries, and for each other.

Nick and Tara, their love God, for their respective countries, and for each other.

Working with Nick

I met this young fellow the evening I was to shoot senior pictures for him.  He was so incredibly polite, sweet and easy to work with.  He just went with it. He loves music, his bike and life. Graduation is around the corner for him, it was an honor to be able to document this milestone for him.  I wish this amazing young man all the best. This is Nick's story.