“We make photographs that show what our lives mean to us, to evoke emotions with your story.”

How much do you charge?  First things first, let's understand your outcomes. No two clients are the same and that is what makes my job fun and interesting. I want to ensure that you are offered the best options for your photography.  This could be from the most intimate moments to the grandest, we want to be sure we have it all covered.  For this reason, we want to chat a bit with you to find out what you are thinking and picturing (no pun intended).  If you would like to see basic pricing, please feel free to go to our Contact page and reach out to us, this is a foundation from which we can tailor to your needs.

Do you travel?  We love to travel, we are gypsies, we are wanderlust travelers and would happy to discuss any destination photoshoots with you.  We have done senior photos in Europe, a wedding in Mexico and photoshoots throughout the country.

How many photographers do you use?  I partner with another professional and we are often seen shooting together. I make this point because our working styles mesh and we are familair with who does what. Depending on the shoot and the size depends on how many photographers are present.  But rest assured, we are all professional with a minimum of two cameras each and lenses to suit the shoot. We both carry Canon full frame cameras.

How long do you shoot for? It depends on the function (engagement, wedding, senior photos, etc.).  There are so many variables to consider but the important element is that we will listen to what it is you want and provide options to you to meet these needs. This is why we consult with everyone, no matter what the job is, they are all important to us.

When will I recieve my photos?   I know everyone wants their photos NOW!  However we review each photo and edit to enhance your already beautiful features. Depending on time of year we ask for 2 - 4 weeks again depending on the shoot.  

We will offer a few sneak peaks for you, and once the remaining photos are ready, we will put them on-line for you and your friends and family to enjoy. You will recieve your photos mailed to you on a thumbdrive or burned to a CD depending on your choice. We also offer printing.  We prefer your first viewing in our studio, but if you live too far, then they will be on line.

How do I book your services?  You will want to book as soon as you have a date. Especially weddings as I will commit to only one wedding per day.  


Do you include engagements?  Yes, we love engagements. It is not unusual for me to capture an engagement, the wedding and then children and anniversaries. Some of my clients have become life long friends.

Is there a contract? We do ask that you sign a contract for many reasons. It ensures you get the date we agreed to and full attention. It also assures me that you are committed as well. 

Can my friends take photos as well?  We love a party and the more the merrier, except when I am shooting!  Why? You have seen the photos where you look perfect and then someone comes along and photobombs you?  Let's not take the chance for your wedding. Even a flash from a camera phone could change how my flash settings will work.  So we ask while photographing the wedding party, it is private. These are the moments you want perfect. Your friends and family will have opportunity to see them later and be wow'd by them!  And there is plenty of time at the reception to capture the more fun and crazy moments.

What all do you cover?  Of course you are my main focus!  However, I can cover it all depending on what you want. I can cover from the bachlorette parties, rehearsal dinners, bride and groom getting married all the way through to the reception.  I have even done breaksfasts with the family and friends the day after.  The options are truly endless. For those getting married locally in Eureka Springs, I have even captured what I call paparizzi shots during the honeymoon while the couple plays the tourist role while visiting this fascintating town of ours.