I am not photogenic - and I say hogwash!

When meeting with clients, I often hear I am not photogenic. In fact, I hear myself saying this! What do I say to this?  NONSENSE! Why? Because we are all unique and beautiful. I kow for myself I don't have much of a chin, through learning about posing, I now what to do with my head to create more of a chin line. No photoshop, just tweaking how I stand. 

The same with how I stand, yes I am getting up there in age and my waist seems to be enjoying my mid life years by keeping these few pounds on (stubbornly so as well!) so I just changed where I place my hands on my waist, and VIAOLA! The waist appears slimmer.

This is how I pose my clients. I want you to look your best and look at your photos and now they are you. Not overly photoshopped, not looking like plastic or an alien, but the beautiful soul that your are!

I snapped this photo of my grandson and so many quotes came to mind, but here is the quote I added.  Be yourself, afterall everyone else is taken!