When life is a blur, adjust your focus

Sometime it seems we lose our priorities, or time passes before we know. Our life becomes a blur. At that moment it is important to take a moment to focus. What is going on? Are  you satisfied? Are you looking for something more? Even in my busy hectic world, I wanted to do something where I could use my skills to make a difference. I started the Girlfriends Project that you find on Facebook, but was looking for more. So I decided on Susane's Seniors. I called some local high schools and I am offering to do senior portraits for free. They have to meet certain criteria to ensure the finanacial needs are true. So my focus is to give back and use my skills and passion to do so. This has given me a clear vision on what I need to do. 

2017 July  (2 of 3).jpg


Is life a blur?