Wedding Day Make Up

Make up experts!

When a client calls me for a consultation on shooting her wedding, I instantly go into wedding planner mode.  I have to ask, who is your MUA?  Hair stylist?  Where is the venue? ,What time of day (us photographers want all shoots to be during the golden hour), who is the DJ? The list goes on and the responses are ........well.......long pauses.  

Why the pauses?  Because Eureka Springs is more of a wedding destination, we get many planned "elopements". Yep, I just booked an elopement for December.  But because most of our clients have not been to Eureka Springs in the past, they really do not know the other services or what would make their day perfect.

Now getting to my point, MAKE-UP!  This is one point I really push as it can make or break how one looks in their images. I remember one of my first wedding shoots and the bride had glitter sprinkled throughout her hair.  I thought oh how cute, until I was culling (reviewing) my photos and saw it.  Her hair? What is wrong with her hair?  I do not remember dandruff like this?  Wait, it is reflecting and so are her eye lids and under her eyes.  The very shimmering eye shadow compounded by glitter reflected from my flash and gave a rather unflattering result.  For me it meant a lot of editing.  

My advice is alwasy to use a professional MUA (make up artist). I know, not everyone lives on million dollar row, but with some practice prior to your big day you can find many tips and tricks out there.  Here is one I found from one my favortie cosmetic companies, Bobbi Brown.

Image courtesy of Bobbi Brown

Classic Bride

The results a natural polished look.

Don't be afraid to experiment with what works well for you. Visit your cosmetic supplier and ask them to demonstrate for you but be sure to tell them why.  Make up in front of a camera is much different than behind!