The Royal Wedding

Did anyone else tune into the Royal Wedding?  I am such a sucker for a good love story, and the Royals pull off these fairy tale weddings in a major way.

It is like Cinderella is swept away from her family into the arms of a true Prince. There are so many amazing attributes about Megan, what is not to love?

I was thinking as I was looking at the all of their beautiful amazing images this morning that this is what I look for when capturing a wedding, or just two people in love.  What is there to love about you?  That look when you gaze into your partner's eyes?  The gentle touches, that smile meant only for your partner?  These are the moments I love to capture.  

So you see? Your day will be just as special and will make sure you get treated with the same pomp and circumstance that will measure up to any royal wedding because this day belongs to YOU!