It's Never Too Late

How do you handle your time? For wedding photographers it can be very hectic. This is wedding season afterall and I am not just inclusive to weddings. I also do other types of photography such as seniors, real estate and yes photography for myself just because.  

I have a client where I am finishing up their photographing the grounds of their hotel in Branson, MO and then I have a wedding the next day.  This means my editing needs to get done.  

STRESS!!!!  No way! I thrive on making my clients happy but I also am sure to practice yoga, get plenty of sleep, eat right, and drink lots of water. I know, sounds cliche, right?  It is what works for me. I got out of the mode of staying up all night and learning to manage my time so I can be the best photographer and deliver quality images to my clients.

I swear by this, I put on relaxing music at night and I fall asleep instantly. I even have my 12 year grandson, Lucas on my "zen" music as he likes to call it.  

Whatever works for you, be sure to manage it. You own it.  Take a moment for yourself as you won't get the day back.

Bamboo Forest

It's never too late for a new beginning in your life.