New Beginnings in Eureka Springs, AR

Many of my clients come to Eureka Springs as their destination wedding location. It is their new beginning starting off as husband and wife. 

This couple has had their trials and tribulations and tested even before they were married. As they planned to marry in Cape Cod, honeymoon on Martha's Vineyard but life didn't allow it. Dale's son was in a horrific automobile accident and they had to put their plans on hold.  For 9 months this 20 something son was in a coma. He slowly came out of the coma but had trauma and not able to speak.  Dale and Angel (fitting name) decided it was time to move forward together and marry.  They then made arrangements at an Inn in Eureka and thought all was good to go.  They were getting married, yeah!!!  But again, life happened.  The owners of the Inn canceled their reservation stating they were closing shop. They were closing their B&B.  Another set back.  This is when I got the call. They needed a photography and a minister. My heart went out to them, and we booked the session.

Again, not without mishaps. The minister was unable to make it to the Inn they booked. There was a parade in Eureka. So I drove them to my house, ducking through the parade and these two GOT MARRIED!

Also, when they arrived they had the best news ever!  Dale's son had just responded to his father two weeks before they came to Eureka.  These two had many obstacles but they persevered and I am so fortunate to have been a blimp in their amazing journey.


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