2019 Senior Photography Trends

School starts soon and it is time to start planning your senior shoots. But what do you want to see as your results? What story do you want to tell? What is the trend? According to an article published by Jenna Berman, Marketing & Communications Specialist for Nations Photo Lab, there are 6 new trends to consider to make your day more exciting AND your portraits stand out from the rest. Let's look at them. 

1. STAY OUT OF THE STUDIO! Now considered cheesy and blasé candid fun photos show your personality, that gorgeous natural smile. These are so much more authentic then sitting on a stool in a studio being told to say cheese, don't you think?

2. Location, location, location! Do you have a favorite go to spot? Are you urban or rustic? Or somewhere in between?  Maybe both! Locations with meaning behind them will be your memories you will cherish forever. 

2018 Novaleigh Senior Photos (4 of 4).jpg


location, location!

3. Hair | Makeup | the perfect outfit - It is important you feel you present the best you and sometimes a little professional help does not hurt. I use lenses that will pick up EVERYTHING! Having a make up artist use make specifically for in front of the camera is a huge bonus. They will know how to make your eyes pop, hide blemishes, and make up that has staying powering. Coordinate outfits that are indicative of the location. What message or story are you wanting to show in your image?  Maybe both! Locations with meaning behind them will be your memories you will cherish forever. 

Megan's family owns horses, a love affair that she has when around them. But, Megan is also all about dance and theater. She not only performed throughout high school, her college major was theater as well. these photos demonstrate both of these passions and Megan's story of who she is.  

4. Group shots are more popular than ever! Friends are getting together and hosting a group photo sessions. I personally love this idea of capturing these memories before starting your next chapter in life.

Austin had these friends forever. One being a guest foreign exchange student. He wanted to include them before he went off to join the USAF, and Francisco went back to Italy as well as his other friends. And having these boys made the shoot so much fun!

5. Natural lighting! Natural lighting is sooo flattering and the results are stunning! I love this look - goodbye to studio lights! Have you heard photographers reference the golden hour? This is about an hour or after the sun rises for the early birds and before the sunsets. But don't worry, if you can't plan this time, shaded areas work and we have tricks to help with the harsh sunlight. Cloudy days even make for a more dramatic background. Here I took a photo of Novaleigh as the sun is setting and we have awesome clouds to give that dramatic look. I also used a reflector to help brighten her face. I may also use a flash to fill in any shadows on the face, but only to enhance the subject!

Note has Novaleigh is wearing a natural boho outfit that fits the location.

Note has Novaleigh is wearing a natural boho outfit that fits the location.

6. Concept shoots. I love these type of shoots as they can be challenging for me and truly show the personality of the subject. Here is your chance to step outside the box and yes, even show off a little!

Austin wanted his grandfather's Corvette in his shoot and wanted the photo to have a vintage look to it. He is very close to his grandfather and loves this photo. Novaleigh wanted something a little more artistic and urban. I think this photo of her behind the wood bars is perfect.

Whatever style you want to achieve, but sure your photographer knows. Communication is key and they should ask as well. These are your memories, these photos will bring you back to a special time and place and this is the perfect time in your life to capture it. Last, HAVE FUN!

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