Congratulations to Nick & Baylee

Baylee marries her Prince Charming, Nick.

This is a love story come true for Baylee and an emotional story. Baylee truly did meet her Prince Charming. Baylee has given me permission to share her story as she is an advocate for abused women. Her first marriage was not a happily ever after ending. Baylee was abused, lived in a women’s shelter with her two little girls and has had to have therapy to move on with her life. But the happy ending, she is doing it. And in the midst of a nasty divorce trying to get her life back on track, she meets Nick.

Nick is a kind and gentle soul who helped Baylee with love and patience one day at a time. Together, they are building their marriage on love, trust, patience and honesty. Baylee wants all of the women out their who are abused to know you do have options, you have to be brave and take the step to get help. Baylee did, she finally realized it was not her fault, it was ok to have another person be kind to her and she did deserve it.

I am so fortunate to be a part of their very personal and special day. That Baylee felt comfortable enough in me and trusted me to share her story, and now her love story. Congratulations Nick & Baylee, I know you this and the world is now your oyster! Together you two can handle anything.