What are your wedding colors? Let Patone help!

With so many colors out there, how do you choose which you want for your wedding or vow renewal? I have always love the combination of pink and green, but if I were a bride, how would I coordinate it all together? Pantone has a great tool to use to help you. There are so many beautiful color combinations, which one grabs you?

The Pantone Color Institute partnered with WeddingWire, a global leader in the wedding industry, to deliver aspirational, yet attainable inspiration for couples planning to wed in 2019.

Color is one of the first details couples think about when establishing their wedding style and theme. The 2019 Wedding Color Palettes by WeddingWire x Pantone Color Institute were curated by the Pantone Color Institute to help set the stage for nuptials of newly engaged couples throughout the year.

“Color is a powerful tool – not just for enhancing aesthetics that are critical to every element of a wedding – but to evoke emotion and create the special mood that a couple wishes to communicate throughout their special day from playful and adventurous to romantic and timeless, and everything in between.” said Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute. “In concert with the resources and planning tools from WeddingWire, these custom palettes created by The Pantone Color Institute are intended to help couples navigate their color and design choices in an inspiring, meaningful and uniquely memorable way.” Pantone’s wedding colors Information taken directly from the website.

While there are trends, go with what you love. You do not want regrets later. If you love the vintage look, go for those colors, or perhaps you like light and airy, then choose the pastels. Also, be sure to find a photographer that matches your style as well. Look at their website, ask them questions, can you see your wedding photos matching this style? No one style is wrong or better, but each photographer does have their own. You want to be sure it is a good fit.

Another site that shows beautiful coordinating color combinations is from Magnetstreet.com.

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