Hear the Music

The Wedding March

While I truly believe prints last a lifetime, I also believe that music does too. Remember hearing songs that took you back to place done memory road? Maybe your first kiss? A summer with girlfriends? Your first dance? We remember the music our parents and grandparents enjoyed and we think of them. Music feeds the soul.

Your wedding day should be no different. Whether a big grandiose wedding or an elegant elopement, you will be sure to remember your ceremony every time you hear "your" song. As the two of you complete your vows, the last thing will be the recessional. It doesn't matter if it is just the two of you, pfffff.....I think that adds a very personal moment. Have your photographer photograph the two of you dancing together to your song. With today's technology of blue tooth speakers, cell phones, etc. you can play music just about anywhere. Add it!!!

From Inside Weddings, here are some favs to choose from......YOU'RE WELCOME!


What song will you choose?