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As a wedding or portrait photographer I am always looking for inspiration through my peers, locations, and articles. I found this one this morning on trends. This is so applicable to a wedding coordinator, bride, photographers, actually anyone in the business. It can also be for other specialties such as senior photography.

Some of the trends are creating “insta=worthy” photos. Instagram is a HOT social trend. We are seeing this in Eureka that many young couples are opting for a venue other than a church. But an all in one venue, ceremony, food, drinks, etc. Staging different areas to add more variety will be important.

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According to, 23 per cent more couples - compared with five years ago - are choosing to extend the celebrations into a two or three day experience.

They want post-wedding brunches - did somebody say avocado and smoked salmon? - and pre-wedding pamper parties/meet and greets, so look for a venue that has options on offer to make your wedding a ‘mini break’.

He was from Canada and she is from the U.S. We wanted to incorporate this on their very special day. Tthe biggest take away is make it your own, and if you are in the service industry, think about how you can do this for your clients. Enjoy the article.


These boots are made for walking

It’s officially here, 2019 in all it’s glory. The resolutions are flying, gym memberships going up, and new fashion trends are starting. As a photographer I watch for new trends in fashion, color and of course photography. I went to get my hair done and a young college student who is studying fashion merchandising in NYC was working for the holiday break. She had on the CUTEST boots ever. WHITE BOOTS! I swear I have loved white go-go boots as I called them since the 60’s so I am for one excited to see them comeback. Well I love boots! My favorite go to are a pair of Dr. Martens with red roses embroidered on them. I have cowboy boots, tall brown boots, fun rain boots, well too many boots. Wait, did I say too many? Nah…..never!

Today’s trends are not your grandma’s go-go boots, they are showing them in many styles. And do you know what? I want a pair! Yep, I turn 60 this year and I am getting those damn go-go boots. Ok, more like booties for comfort that I can wear while shooting and yet be fun and fashionable.

I can see these boots on brides for a western or bohemian styled wedding, or seniors dressing in the latest trends.

What about you? Are you into the white boots trend? Post below if you have a pair, I want to see them or just share what you think about them.

These boots were made for walking…….

These boots were made for walking…….

Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 3.23.52 PM.png

Steve Madden

I love these boots by Steve Madden. Perfect for shooting photography in!

A night out of music.


SixtyOn? What on earth is SixtyOn and what does that have to do with photography? Ok, let me explain. For those who know me, you know I am very much a family person. My husband and I who will be married 24 years this year not only supported eachother through raising kids, finishing degrees, working the corporte life, but also eachother's passions. Mine of course being photography and his music. So it is not unusual to see eachother together helping eachother when it is our turn to perform. I am his rode and he often helps carrying my cameras and equipment. We make a pretty good team!

That being said, SixtyOn is my husband Mike Gruning. He was performing at a local bar here in Eureka Springs, AR so I thought why not sharpen my skills and take some photographs of the folks who were gracious enough to allow me to "focus" on them!  We had an amazing crowd on a cold icy night. We are celebrating Mardi Gras (as we do every year) here in Eurea Springs, so it was a lovely, colorful, lively evening.  Even with that, this crowd, well this crowd they love music!  

Remember to always support eachother, help eachother grow and nuture eachother. Show how much you care. Thank you to those who were there and thank you Rowdy Beaver for hiring SixtyOn! Here are some photos to show.  Enjoy!


A beautiful ceremony.

Allow me to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Baker of Springfield, MO. This lovely couple decided on romantic Eureka Springs for their wedding destination. They are a fun couple, Samantha a bit more reserved and Mikel a funny outgoing individual. Together they balance eachother and the love they showed during this celebration was undeniable!  

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I am not photogenic - and I say hogwash!

When meeting with clients, I often hear I am not photogenic. In fact, I hear myself saying this! What do I say to this?  NONSENSE! Why? Because we are all unique and beautiful. I kow for myself I don't have much of a chin, through learning about posing, I now what to do with my head to create more of a chin line. No photoshop, just tweaking how I stand. 

The same with how I stand, yes I am getting up there in age and my waist seems to be enjoying my mid life years by keeping these few pounds on (stubbornly so as well!) so I just changed where I place my hands on my waist, and VIAOLA! The waist appears slimmer.

This is how I pose my clients. I want you to look your best and look at your photos and now they are you. Not overly photoshopped, not looking like plastic or an alien, but the beautiful soul that your are!

I snapped this photo of my grandson and so many quotes came to mind, but here is the quote I added.  Be yourself, afterall everyone else is taken!


The new Mr. and Mrs. Wilson

It was a lovely beach, the weather was perfect. It could not have been a more amazing day. Even more so that two people very much in love we about to commit to eachother. The destination, Iberstar Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  

This couple is as down to earth as you can imagine. They wanted a very simple but yet well documented wedding. Barefoot on the beach, a lovely song they sang together during the ceremony, their own personal vows to each other. I know every wedding is beautiful, but this wedding was BEAUTIFUL!

Laura and Zach, it was an honor to be your photographer and welcomed by your friends and family.