A night out of music.


SixtyOn? What on earth is SixtyOn and what does that have to do with photography? Ok, let me explain. For those who know me, you know I am very much a family person. My husband and I who will be married 24 years this year not only supported eachother through raising kids, finishing degrees, working the corporte life, but also eachother's passions. Mine of course being photography and his music. So it is not unusual to see eachother together helping eachother when it is our turn to perform. I am his rode and he often helps carrying my cameras and equipment. We make a pretty good team!

That being said, SixtyOn is my husband Mike Gruning. He was performing at a local bar here in Eureka Springs, AR so I thought why not sharpen my skills and take some photographs of the folks who were gracious enough to allow me to "focus" on them!  We had an amazing crowd on a cold icy night. We are celebrating Mardi Gras (as we do every year) here in Eurea Springs, so it was a lovely, colorful, lively evening.  Even with that, this crowd, well this crowd they love music!  

Remember to always support eachother, help eachother grow and nuture eachother. Show how much you care. Thank you to those who were there and thank you Rowdy Beaver for hiring SixtyOn! Here are some photos to show.  Enjoy!