Wedding Trends

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As a wedding or portrait photographer I am always looking for inspiration through my peers, locations, and articles. I found this one this morning on trends. This is so applicable to a wedding coordinator, bride, photographers, actually anyone in the business. It can also be for other specialties such as senior photography.

Some of the trends are creating “insta=worthy” photos. Instagram is a HOT social trend. We are seeing this in Eureka that many young couples are opting for a venue other than a church. But an all in one venue, ceremony, food, drinks, etc. Staging different areas to add more variety will be important.

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According to, 23 per cent more couples - compared with five years ago - are choosing to extend the celebrations into a two or three day experience.

They want post-wedding brunches - did somebody say avocado and smoked salmon? - and pre-wedding pamper parties/meet and greets, so look for a venue that has options on offer to make your wedding a ‘mini break’.

He was from Canada and she is from the U.S. We wanted to incorporate this on their very special day. Tthe biggest take away is make it your own, and if you are in the service industry, think about how you can do this for your clients. Enjoy the article.


North Meets South

This past weekend we had a very intimate wedding. Nick is from Canada and Tara from the U.S.  Faith is what binds these two people.  Their love in God and their love of each other will keep these two together forever. Both being very proud of their countries they decided to make it the theme of their wedding. They did an incredible job and now their journey together begins. I thank them for allowing me to tell their story.

Nick and Tara, their love God, for their respective countries, and for each other.

Nick and Tara, their love God, for their respective countries, and for each other.