Oozing of happy - Jazmine & Matthew

I had the opportunity of photographing an elopement at a cabin along Beaver Lake just outside of Eureka Springs, AR. Of course I had chatted with the bride on several occasions but had yet to meet her. Once I arrived at the location and she opened the door to the cabin, welcomed me and my assistant in, my first thoughts were happy. This gal just oozes with happiness. I instantly wanted to capture HAPPY! She and her now husband Matthew just laughed and smiled at each other sharing a connection that you knew they were meant to be. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Brown, our happy couple.

When Life Throws You Lemons

I have attended many weddings as a guest, photographer and even in them. I have yet to attend one where is was perfect. Everything ends up being fine, but at that moment, when nerves are heightened and emotions are flying, it seems like a huge deal. Life is throwing lemons at you. What do you do? Make lemonade of course! The point I am getting to is you can only control how you react to a situation. Don't let it consume you in a negative way, turn it around or let it go.  

This is especially important in these huge life moments when you are getting married.  As a photographer I have found flowers, a garter, wiped tears, fixed hair, cleaned mud off a flower girl with my scarf, etc. At the end of the day, it was all ok. Why? Because I was able to put my counseling hat (a prerequisite to being a photographer) and pretty much preach this. At the end of the day, we laugh and enjoy a glass of lemonade.   

Enjoy this montage of short video clips on flower girls gone rogue. You are guaranteed to laugh.  https://www.facebook.com/PresentsByHowlers/videos/191656971510602/?from=watch_upsell_cta&video_id=191656971510602

A beautiful ceremony.

Allow me to introduce Mr. and Mrs. Baker of Springfield, MO. This lovely couple decided on romantic Eureka Springs for their wedding destination. They are a fun couple, Samantha a bit more reserved and Mikel a funny outgoing individual. Together they balance eachother and the love they showed during this celebration was undeniable!  

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The new Mr. and Mrs. Wilson

It was a lovely beach, the weather was perfect. It could not have been a more amazing day. Even more so that two people very much in love we about to commit to eachother. The destination, Iberstar Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  

This couple is as down to earth as you can imagine. They wanted a very simple but yet well documented wedding. Barefoot on the beach, a lovely song they sang together during the ceremony, their own personal vows to each other. I know every wedding is beautiful, but this wedding was BEAUTIFUL!

Laura and Zach, it was an honor to be your photographer and welcomed by your friends and family.