Premiere Eureka Springs wedding photographer located in NWArkansas, with a background in wedding and elopement photography. Susane is a photographic artist fluent in the language of story telling and experiences. Creating beautiful imagery for over 15 years, for both couples and creatives in the U.S. and across the globe.

Documenting weddings, portraits, and tidbits of my life's adventures and misadventures, isn’t this the most amazing job ever?

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" Each moment weaves a story that is yours alone, just as individual as you."

Lema Street is the address of my home studio in Eureka Springs, AR. Yes, Arkansas, located in the glorious Ozark Mountains. This is where I energize, regroup, create and just be. As a photographer, I am always trying to learn, adapt, grow and be inspired. This is my magical place that speaks to my creative being.

About Us

Why do I love wedding photography? Because I believe in them. Though I am the owner/photographer for Lema Street Photography, I have the most amazing husband ever who totally supports what I do. We live between Wichita, KS and Eureka Springs, AR. Our home in Arkansas is nestled in a hollar, surrounded by tall pines. It is an inspiration and where my creativity flows. I share my studio with my musician husband. When you find someone that has more faith in you than yourself, you know that you are on the right track. I would not be where I am without this man. We have extreme wanderlust and have traveled much of the world and I am grateful for these adventures and misadventures. I look for the road less traveled to capture that perfect story. So really, this is our own love story.

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25 Years of Us