I believe life is made up of perfect—albeit fleeting—moments that are magnificent adventures. I want to help you remember this special time in your lives by capturing those raw emotional moments. While the two of you are getting lost in your day, we will be there to capture artistic, authentic and timeless images inspired by love—inspired by you. 

Don't see a package that fits you? Let's have coffee and talk about it and create one that is perfect for you.

Each of the below wedding packages come with digital images depending on your package, extra options are a video montage with royalty free music so you can share on social media. View your beautiful images from our online gallery and order prints! Don't see a package that fits you? Let's talk about it and create one that is perfect.

Wedding Packages

the elopement

Standard: $395 Plus $525

Perfect for an elopement or intimate ceremony. There are two options. STANDARD: Up to 1 hour of coverage in one location w/15 digital images. PLUS Up to 2 hours of coverage two locations w/22 digital images. Online viewing and ordering w/print release

the memoir


We will cover your ceremony, family/friends allowing more time to capture your memories of those who celebrated with you. Receive 3 hours of coverage, 2 locations and 30 digital images. Online viewing and ordering w/print release.

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the keepsake


Five hours of coverage time with 2 professional photographers. 2 locations. 75 digital images. Online viewing and ordering w/print release for digital images.

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the signature | $3250


Up to 8 hours w/2 professional photographers. Option of either a 1 hour bridal or engagement shoot (images are sold separately). Two locations. 200 digital images from your wedding. Online viewing and ordering w/print release for digital images.


Senior Photography


Surprise Engagement


Family Photography, NWA Photographer

Family Sessions



I offer two prices. A 30 minute session ($150) and for 1 hour ($295). This is session fees only. Digital images and prints are sold separately, so you buy only the ones YOU love! The 30 minute session is great for the surprise engagements. The 1 hour is better suited for your formal engagement session. 


Portraits start at $295/hour (1 hour minimum). This is great for seniors, couple shoots, families.


Headshots are $150. These sessions are 30 minutes and you choose purchase favorite images.

Ala Carte

Additional Session Hours: $175/hour - If you feel you want more coverage, add an hour or two if time permits with photographer's schedule.

Additional Photographer: $65/hour. to your package and if you want additional photographers to cover your wedding, we can do that as well (some packages already include a 2nd shooter). This gives you more to choose from and more coverage.

Taxes of 9.385% are not included and will be added to session total.

Not sure of the packages? No problem, we know that one size does not fit all and we customize packages to fit your specific needs. We have a one hour minimum for any session.

All bookings require a 50% booking fee to save your session date!


Do you shoot destination weddings?

We love to travel and have passports ready to go! So absolutely yes....we shoot destination weddings. We have shot in Mexico, Germany and various locations in the U.S. Travel expenses will apply.

Will there be a second shooter?

We do use second shooters depending on your package choice. However, if you would like to have two photographers, there is an additional charge per hour. We can discuss to see what best fits your needs.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Most times the answer is ABSOLUTELY. To extend the session it is $175/hour if we do not have another commitment.

What kind of gear do you use?

I use both Canon & Sony with various lenses and flashes.

What if my wedding is outside and there is inclement weather?

Always have a Plan B! Check with your wedding coordinator or ask the concierge at your local lodging. I have a few tricks up my sleeve but also know this could affect our shooting locations if outside.

Should I get my hair & make up done professionally?

While I find all my clients beautiful, you do want your hair & make up to last. This is why I would recommend having a professional doing it. I also do not recommend, DO NOT recommend glitter. Glitter is not pretty in the hair when the flash bounces off, it looks like dandruff. Shimmering eye shadow under the eyes will reflect as well. If you do use a professional, they should know this, but mention it to them.

How do we book you?

It is best to book as soon as you feel comfortable with choosing your photographer so you don't lose your date. A booking fee is required as well as completing the contract.

Do you edit your images?

All of our images are professionally edited personally by me! I do subtle edits to enhance your image as needed. I am know for my signature editing, I only enhance the already beautiful you! You will not look plastic or fake. If there is additional editing, there may be an additional charge depending on the time and how complicated it may be.

Do we order prints from you?

You may order prints and digital images from our online gallery. This makes it so easy for you!! However if you order digital images, you may print them where you wish as your images will have a copy rightrelease.

How much are digital images?

Our digital images are $12/image. This DOES NOT include printing and vice versa. So if you purchase a print, the digital image is not included. They are sold separately.

Why are digital images so expensive?

Why are digital files so expensive compared to prints?
The tough part of being a professional photographer is that there is almost nothing we sell that a person can’t buy somewhere else. You can get prints anywhere… frames, books, custom cards… you name it. So, the only thing we have that can’t be bought somewhere is the actual image itself.

When someone wants to buy a digital file, we have to consider how much money we will lose by selling it. Most people don’t buy prints once they have the digital file. If they decide they want to use it for their holiday cards, they will do it online. If they want to send a copy to everyone in their family they post it on Facebook (they used to buy wallet prints from us).

When you buy the digital file you are buying limitless possibilities for eternity. That file can be passed down for generations. It’s the goose that laid the golden egg.

If you want to buy a digital file so you can print and frame yourself… and the photographer sells prints and frames… he’s going to charge you what he would charge for a print and frame.

Another reason they seem expensive is because you get so many of them. If you were to buy 50 4×6 prints from me, it would cost more than buying 50 digital files. With those files you can print thousands of prints, cards, pillowcases, you name it… as well as posting online and making copies for hundreds of people. Digital files are a bargain! The industry average is $50.

What is the difference between digital images and prints?

This is a great question. Digital images you purchase once and you can reproduce as many times as you want, this is why digital is more money. The file is high resolution and you can share, post on social media, makes cards, etc. The only think you are NOT allowed to do is alter the image as it is copyrighted by Lema Street Photography. Prints are just that but prints last forever. I find when one orders a print, they get displayed and serve as your story of memories!! Prints can be less expensive depending on how many you order, size, and medium (paper, canvas, metal, etc.). So many choices! When you purchase a print, you do not get the digital image, only the print.

When will I see my beautiful images?

We try our best to edit your gorgeous shots as quickly as possible but anywhere from 4 - 6 weeks. There are times when it is within 1 week or up to six weeks. It depends on the time of year and wedding season. These are images only. After we present them to you via an online gallery, you can choose your images and make your purchases directly from there.

Do you offer video?

We have two options for video. We do offer video but we are NOT videographers per se. In other words, we do not have an assigned videographer for the day. What we can offer are beautiful highlights of your wedding, video the ceremony, details such as dress, flowers, rings, intimate moments, etc. We also add a mic to the couple to capture and add your vows or messages to each other. We combine all of this along with photos to create your video. Length of video depends on the amount of time booked for your session. The other option is a video slideshow of photos that we choose to highlight your special day. This is a nice way to share your day with others. All music used is royalty free!!

When and how will I receive my video?

Once your images are ready, we will wait for you to choose your favorite images that you love to incorporate into your video along with snippits of video and audio that were taken during your session. The video will be available on our Youtube Channel which you can share the link. We will also upload a copy into Dropbox (this is due to videos being a large file) so that you can download or we can send you the video on a USB thumb drive.

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