When Life Throws You Lemons

I have attended many weddings as a guest, photographer and even in them. I have yet to attend one where is was perfect. Everything ends up being fine, but at that moment, when nerves are heightened and emotions are flying, it seems like a huge deal. Life is throwing lemons at you. What do you do? Make lemonade of course! The point I am getting to is you can only control how you react to a situation. Don't let it consume you in a negative way, turn it around or let it go.  

This is especially important in these huge life moments when you are getting married.  As a photographer I have found flowers, a garter, wiped tears, fixed hair, cleaned mud off a flower girl with my scarf, etc. At the end of the day, it was all ok. Why? Because I was able to put my counseling hat (a prerequisite to being a photographer) and pretty much preach this. At the end of the day, we laugh and enjoy a glass of lemonade.   

Enjoy this montage of short video clips on flower girls gone rogue. You are guaranteed to laugh.  https://www.facebook.com/PresentsByHowlers/videos/191656971510602/?from=watch_upsell_cta&video_id=191656971510602

Back to where it began - Bethany & Royce

Capturing their uniqueness of the these two beautiful souls in love. One year ago this couple committed their hearts to each other.  This weekend they returned to where it all began, Lover's Leap in Eureka Springs.  It was an absolute honor Bethany Blair  and Royce York to take your one year anniversary photos - and - a rainbow in Eureka to boot!  How lucky was that? Here are a few we took this year and last year. Cheers to Mr. & Mrs York while we congratulate them on their one year anniversary!

A few from their wedding day, July 16, 2017.

Good Morning

Morning y'all!  Today I have a day off, well sort of. I am wrapping up some editing and then I get to attend an adult birthday party!  So I have been up since 6:00 ish or so and busy at it. What I am going to love is that my husband will be playing at this birthday party this evening. He goes by SixtyOn. Why? Well I am glad you asked, because he is sixty years old and he plays tunes from the sixties and on.  He also has original music that he has written and composed on stories, issues, near and dear to his heart.  One day soon I will record him and post something. But for now, I wanted to say good morning and for me, it is back to editing.

 Nothing like your first cup of morning coffee.

Nothing like your first cup of morning coffee.

It's Never Too Late

How do you handle your time? For wedding photographers it can be very hectic. This is wedding season afterall and I am not just inclusive to weddings. I also do other types of photography such as seniors, real estate and yes photography for myself just because.  

I have a client where I am finishing up their photographing the grounds of their hotel in Branson, MO and then I have a wedding the next day.  This means my editing needs to get done.  

STRESS!!!!  No way! I thrive on making my clients happy but I also am sure to practice yoga, get plenty of sleep, eat right, and drink lots of water. I know, sounds cliche, right?  It is what works for me. I got out of the mode of staying up all night and learning to manage my time so I can be the best photographer and deliver quality images to my clients.

I swear by this, I put on relaxing music at night and I fall asleep instantly. I even have my 12 year grandson, Lucas on my "zen" music as he likes to call it.  

Whatever works for you, be sure to manage it. You own it.  Take a moment for yourself as you won't get the day back.

Bamboo Forest

It's never too late for a new beginning in your life.



Look for the Beauty

Sometimes on a day I am feeling down, I make myself stop and look around me. I live in such a beautiful area surrounded by nature. When I see all of this natural beauty I have to pinch myself and ask, do I really live here?  Yes, I live on Lema Street surrounded by tall cedar pines, the constant opera of birdsongs, the quiet glimpses of the deer coming and going. 

 "And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul."  Unknown

"And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul."  Unknown

Thinking of dear friend this morning that I miss I happened to look over and saw this flower. A smile immediately came to me. Yes, it is the little things in nature that need to be appreciated. This sweetpea flower grows wild on my hillside competiting with ivy. But there it was, it just stood out with sunrays shining on it. I captured the image with my iphone and now just smile everytime I look at it.  

Class of 2019

Class of 2019 it is not to early to get started with our mini sessions special. Let's book a session now while the weather is beautiful!  Sessions must be paid in full and 


Sessions must be pail in full at time of booking. Special expires July 31. Based upon schedule availability.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the momma's out there, step-mom's, pseudo mom's, dad's that play mom's role and all those out there who are like mom's to special children in your life.  

I just moved my mum from Kansas to Arkansas to be closer to me. I am thrilled to have her here with me on this Mother's Day and feel fortunate this 82 year old witty women is here with me. 


 All of at Lema Street Photography wish you a Happy Mother's Day.

All of at Lema Street Photography wish you a Happy Mother's Day.

Me and my Mum out to breakfast with my husband!

Ready to POP!

Cassandra is the cutest prego ever. While we did a few different changes, maybe some awkward posing, this cutie never complained once. Cassandra & Jack have been dating since they were 15 years old. They have had hardships test them that no parent should have to go through at such a young age, and here they are, their love and commitment is growing with this baby boy joining the family soon!

2018 Cassandra Maternity (9 of 16).jpg

“Babies are bits of star-dust ...




...blown from the hand of God.  Lucky is the woman who knows the pangs of birth for she has held a star.” - quote by Larry Barretto

With the sun rising these two commit to one another.

I loved everything about this couple. They truly enjoyed every moment of their morning before, during and after their ceremony. It was private and intimate with only the sounds of nature surrounding them.  Congratulations Jerod and Aleshia, I hope this day was everything and more for the two of you. This day where your lives have changed and together you walk side by side from this moment on.

The traditional but non traditional couple

I had the greatest honor of working with this amazing couple, Jerod and Aleshia. This couple is truly eachothers ying and yang. All they knew was they wanted an intimate sunrise wedding. Everything else was just go with the flow, very zen-like. I loved watching them as they truly treasured each moment this morning.  This urban couple was very down to earth and we had fun with their photoshoot.  Take a look and just click on the photo to see more!

Senior Photos

Last minute? Still need senior photos? Call us at 479-244-7824. We have fun with besties doing group shots, clothing changes, and locations. Let's have fun with it!


Let us show your true personality.

:: Mr. & Mrs. Sego ::

It is always honor when I am asked to capture a wedding. No matter how sophisticated or simple, each and every ceremony matters. Each has their own story and it is important to capture it. Real people with real stories. Meet Jeremy and Kristen, their love started over 10 years ago but their marriage started today.  They chose Eureka Springs to get married and wanted to avoid the hoopla of planning a huge event. Simple and small but oh so significant and sacred.  A huge congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Sego!  Here is to the two of you.

What Inspires You

It is a beautiful spring like morning, these kind of mornings fill me with inspiration and movtivation. Love the smell of the earth and the pines that surround our property, the chirping of the birds, the sun rising. And last, a cup of hot coffee!  What inspires your day?

Spring is my favorite season and this morning I woke up to a spring like morning. The birds are in full force with their chirping opera.  The pines are releasing a scent that reminds me of the forest, and the sun is peaking over hill. I love where we live and when I wake to a morning as glorious as this, I want to share it.

All You Need is Love -

I was going through photos, actual PICTURES and reminiscing of days gone by. Realizing these photos through the years tell a story. I am so glad I still print. I see my grown children and remember them as children, I see my grandchildren and what wonderful little humans they are becoming. This is my tribe, I am theirs and they are mine. This is my story. This is family love. Happy Valentines!

A night out of music.


SixtyOn? What on earth is SixtyOn and what does that have to do with photography? Ok, let me explain. For those who know me, you know I am very much a family person. My husband and I who will be married 24 years this year not only supported eachother through raising kids, finishing degrees, working the corporte life, but also eachother's passions. Mine of course being photography and his music. So it is not unusual to see eachother together helping eachother when it is our turn to perform. I am his rode and he often helps carrying my cameras and equipment. We make a pretty good team!

That being said, SixtyOn is my husband Mike Gruning. He was performing at a local bar here in Eureka Springs, AR so I thought why not sharpen my skills and take some photographs of the folks who were gracious enough to allow me to "focus" on them!  We had an amazing crowd on a cold icy night. We are celebrating Mardi Gras (as we do every year) here in Eurea Springs, so it was a lovely, colorful, lively evening.  Even with that, this crowd, well this crowd they love music!  

Remember to always support eachother, help eachother grow and nuture eachother. Show how much you care. Thank you to those who were there and thank you Rowdy Beaver for hiring SixtyOn! Here are some photos to show.  Enjoy!