How do I choose how much time I need?

2023 is starting off with wedding bookings. This year I am focused on quality over quantity. I want to ensure I give you all the time you need. That being said, how much time do you need? I often get calls saying a client only needs “a few photos.” I am not gonna lie, I cringe when I read or hear this. Why? This is YOUR day, no matter if it is your first marriage or second, etc. It is still your day and it is important. When you are scheduling, be sure to consider time for what I would call portrait poses with your wedding package. You know those poses, of just the bride all done and ready but enough time before the ceremony. Once the ceremony happens, it is very difficult to go back. Why? After the ceremony are the guests congratulating the couple, the group poses, bridal and bride and groom. Then moving right into the reception. Think about, the reception is many candid shots. It is moving, it is dancing, cake cutting, toasting. Before you know it the event is winding down.

So keep this thought in mind when booking. I will let you if I feel the time is tight, and I have to others. Time is very fluid and I have yet to be at a wedding where time was perfect. Hair and make up runs late, someone stops by to chat, bridesmaids are not all ready for portraits.

So when I say you will run very tight, but we will capture what we can, trust that based on experience you may want to add more time. You will still get professional images, but we want to ensure YOU are captured at your best as well. Think about it when planning your day. I will also be glad to offer any feedback to your schedule as well.