2021 Bridal Trends

Out with the old and in with new. But is the new really all that new when it comes to wedding dresses or trends for 2021? Grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat.

To start as we ring in 2021 and bookings for weddings come in, I did an internet search looking for trends and what did I find? My opinion after souring many sites and looking at dresses from Milan to Minnesota, India to Indianapolis, wear what suits you! Wear what YOU feel good in. Every personality is as different as the body type and the individual in it.

From a photographer’s perspective, I see and capture emotions and moments. I see how one feels during their session. Trust me, it shows. The more beautiful and confident you feel in your attire and your ceremony, the more it will show through in your photos.

One trend I have seen is the affects of Covid-19. Weddings are more intimate and personal allowing the couple to add their own touches.

Because I live in a destination town, Eureka Springs, AR I cover a lot of elopement and first & second weddings of all shapes and sizes. So when we talk about ‘trends’ go with what is in your heart and makes you feel good! Here are some examples where I had wedding couples wear vintage, new, retro, it is your wedding, you make it yours.

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