Check your checklists!

I do wedding photography in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Eureka is a beautiful town for both destination weddings and elopements. With the gorgeous limestone terrain, tall pines, Ozark Mountains, hills and valleys, there really is not a bad place to be photographed. Sounds beautiful, right? So what is the problem? How does this related back to your checklist? This article does a great job in bringing to light many areas that could but a damper (no pun intended) on your wedding day whether a big blowout or a small intimate ceremony. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, do you have a back up plan if it rains? Many of my couples have not. While I can make suggestions as I come across this, it is something for you to think about. Another great point the article discusses is if you have a larger wedding, have a point of contact person.

I know from a photographer's perspective, this is quite useful in having a go to person to help gather the family for portraits, of find the groom who is stepped away while his groomsmen congratulate him. Or the bride with a potty break (this often takes longer with bridal dresses on). Have you checked the weather? Your photographer cannot stand in pouring rain with equipment. More importantly, you don't want to say your I Do's in pouring rain. Ok, maybe you do and that might be pretty cool. But plan it! Your photographer may be there for a limited time and you want to make use of that time to get all the beautiful memorable images you envisioned.

In this case of the image, it started to drizzle. I came with a few umbrellas that came in handy in case. The bride did end up using one and I had my assistant use one to cover me with my gear. A little planning for you day will help make it much more stress free. Take a peek and a few minutes at the article, I think you will be glad you did! 

Until later......Ciao for now and happy planning.