This is your day!

You have decided that your day is just the two of you. So you don't have an audience, but this does not mean you cannot enjoy many of the traditions - or non traditions that go with your wedding day. Whatever your reason for eloping it is as personal as it gets. Choose your location that is important to you, one that you will spend your anniversaries at or visit often with fond memories. Plan an epic evening. Go gourmet for your dinner, or an elaborate cook out with an evening fire to snuggle around. The ideas are endless.

Micro vs Elopement, An elopement is almost entirely focused on the marriage and unity of the couple, and is pretty open to interpretation. You can have guests; you can forego them. Maybe you want an after party, or maybe you’d rather skip it. Do you want to wear jeans as you say your I-do’s? Cool. Dreaming of wearing a ballgown? Amazing! You don’t even have to take pictures if you don’t want them (but we highly suggest you do)! Elopement ceremonies are for couples who want total freedom to choose, whereas micro weddings are for couples who want a part of the traditional ceremony built into their day, but at a fraction of the price and stress. 

Tip #1 Location

When you make the decision to elope, choose a location that is special and meaningful to the both of you. Perhaps you are urbanites or do you like the solitude of the country? Just make sure it is super special! The place you chose will hold a special place in your heart for years to come.

Tip #2 Letters

What letters? I have read where some couples feel a little guilty not having family & friends there. Explain to them why you are eloping and ask them to write you a note that you can ready after your ceremony. You can even ask your photography to record snippits to share. You feel like they are then a part of your important moment.

Tip #3 Each Other

Eloping is about the day you two share alone, so enjoy it together. Don't just end it together, but start it together as well. Who says you can't start with breakfast in bed, or share your morning over a cup of coffee. Start off as stress free as possible. This is the deal, YOU GET TO MAKE THE RULES!

Tip #4 The Day

Do a first look, this is still just as emotional whether it is an elopement or full wedding. Reflect together, write down your thoughts, add them to a jar, and read them later while toasting to each other over champagne. Don't forget you deserve a wedding cake too! Splurge on that bottle of wine!

Tip #5 Dance

Remember that song that makes you swoon? The one you two always danced to? Play it, dance under the stars, boogie in the street, or at the alter like these two pictured below did. You can still have your first dance! Where ever but embrace the moment! Can't think of a song? CLICK HERE, you can thank me later.

Tip #6 Micro/Mini

Your day, it's your way! You can choose an elopement, just the two of you. A Micro Ceremony (about 50 guests) or a Minimony (maybe 10 guests or so) usually your immediate family and a few close friends. Smaller ceremonies mean more possibilities! Profess your love to the sunsetting with a circle of family and friends around a fire. On a mountain or a bridge (I have photographed both!!) with fewer guests you have so many fun and unique options.

Tip #7 Sequel

After your minimony, continue prepping for your sequel wedding, or the original wedding that you had planned prior to the pandemic. The Knot first defined the term in 2019 for couples deciding to have two distinct weddings for cultural, religious and other reasons. However, the sequel wedding has evolved, taking on new meaning as the coronavirus pandemic has prompted many to-be-weds to reconsider the order of their life events. There is no better time than now to create your own rules. 

Tip #8 COVID-19

Yes, that again, that yucky virus that is changing all of our lives. While the planning can be challenging many couples are finding it is less stressful then a large wedding. Refer back to the CDC and WHO as well as experts in the wedding industry. Who knows what will happen with vaccines now being distributed. Learn what restrictions the location will have before making any commitments. Do you have to quarantine? Do you have to show you test negative? Explore all your options!

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