Are you thinking about a vow renewal? I say DO IT!

I have seen an interest in vow renewals this past year and already this year. I love vow renewals! In fact, I just had my own. This photo is of me and my husband when we first got married in 1994 and again in 2019 for our 25th anniversary. Why? The first time we married at the courthouse. We are a blended family and not everyone was with us. After 25 years we decided we did it! This is a time of accomplishment. We wanted to share this with our family and friends. We included our children and grandchildren in the ceremony and bought them gifts that were made of silver as it was the "silver" anniversary.

I also decided that since I wore my courthouse wedding attire, I wanted something more. I have always loved the boho look even before it became trendy. I mean just at these photos and think we have not changed a whole lot. I guess I still like crochet clothing, LOL. We said the theme was bohemian and this is what we had! The food that was catered was spanish/chilean fare, we had drinks made for each of us, Mike's Mary's (Bloody Mary's) and mine was a signature Susane's Sangria. To make it fuss free we catered the food, hired a dj as I wanted a festive fun evening.

We are at our home, it was a light drizzle, but we did not care. As we danced to our song, Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight, my husband said in the middle of the song, just look here. We have all of our friends and family here celebrating with us. How Wonderful Tonight is! And that is moment I will hold in heart forever. We still do! DO IT!